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Body Language of Cats, What Does It Mean?

 Bailey Blogs…

Tummy Display

When your cat is content and relaxed, she may stretch out and roll over. If a cat feels cornered, she may fully extend her claws and teeth.

The Fluttering Blink

When a cat greets another cat or a person with slow blinks, it’s communicating affection. Why? Because in the feline world, closing one’s eyes in the presence of another is the ultimate sign of trust. By blinking slowly at your cat, you are communicating that you are aware of its presence and post no threat. The next time your cat blinks at you, try returning the gesture.

Halloween Pose

When a cat is curled up in human’s legs, it signals friendliness and when tucked below or between the legs, it signals insecurity or anxiousness. When the tail is up, the cat is feeling threatened and when it’s combined with the arched back, upright hair along the spine, it’s a dead giveaway that you should back off.

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