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The Biggest Myths About Dogs

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A warm or Dry Nose Means a Dog is Sick

This is probably the biggest myth. The fact is, the temperature and moisture of your dog’s nose are not miracle measurements of his health.

Dog Mouths are Cleaner Than Human Mouths

Some of us remember hearing that as a kid. The fact is, a dog’s mouth contains plenty of germs. Think about the stuff your dog eats off the ground and out of the trash. The good news is that these germs are usually dog-specific and unlikely to cause any harm to humans.

Dogs See in Black and White

It was once believed that dogs could only see in black and white. The fact is, dogs can see color, but not the way humans do. Dogs probably see colors best on the blue side of the spectrum.

Dogs Age Seven Years for Every Human Year

Saying that a 1-year old dog is seven in dog years doesn’t make sense considering that dog can reproduce well before one year of age. That would make a 15 year old dog 105 in dog years, which is not the case. The fact is, dogs do age at a faster rate than humans. However, that rate is faster early in life and seems to get slower with age.

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

We hear it all the time. People probably noticed that their older dogs had less interest in new activities and were less responsive to training. The fact is, while it may not be easy to teach new things to an older dog, it can be done. A senior dog may not see or hear like he used to or have the energy. You just need to get his attention.

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